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Small Earth Berm House Plans

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Our earth sheltered home plans collection consists of earth berm and in-hill construction type house plans. I love your site, I love your designs, and I love your philosophy of getting info out there to propagate natural building. We are planning to build an earthbag house in New Mexico (probably a hybrid between Zero Energy One and Zero Energy Four — a small house with full frontal greenhouse). 25 Small Sustainable House Plans by Dr. Owen Geiger provides a fascinating selection of innovative house plans, along with an overview of the most efficient natural building methods – strawbale, earthbag and sustainably harvested wood. Earth homes are featured including underground, sheltered, berm, cave and compressed dirt houses that help in the green effort and reduce the homeowner’s energy bills. When an entire earth-sheltered house is built below grade or completely underground, it’s called an underground structure. An atrium or courtyard design can accommodate an underground house and still provide an open feeling. The history of sod houses is discussed including the sometimes shoddy soddy homes that settlers used when taming the Old West. .

Kelly Hart answers miscellaneous questions about landscaping with earthbags. Various experts answer questions about how to build underground. Think you can live in this 28’x14′ ESCAPE cabin? What if you were mortgage-free? The idea of small spaces is less cost for more freedom to do what you want. As more and more people think about establishing a bug-out retreat, one of the most popular building styles that has emerged is building a container house. .

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